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What is Rule 15a-6

The qualification of the Rule 15a-6 is a familiar topic. It has been around since the Internal Revenue Service was created. It is one of the most debated tax issues of the year. Some believe it should be removed, while others think it is a great rule and a necessary part of the tax code. […]

What is an Investment Broker

Investment brokers are usually the firms that help individuals purchase and sell securities, such as stocks, on a stock exchange market. Brokers supervise transactions by delivering payments and securities to each participant and taking care of the paperwork and accounting required. They ensure payment of dividends, capital gains, and other payments to shareholders. They may […]

How to Choose an Investment Brokerage

Many wonder how to choose the investment brokerage that will help them meet their financial goals. Before you make that choice, it is necessary to first know the difference between various types of investment brokers.  There are several types of investment brokers, such as full-service brokers, discount brokers, self-directed brokers, penny stock brokers, mortgage brokers, […]

The Benefits of Investing in the US

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in the US. One of the advantages of investing in the US is that it has a sound legal system and a relatively stable economy that is generally considered to be fair and transparent. The US economy is also based largely on the values of the […]