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How to Choose an Investment Brokerage

Many wonder how to choose the investment brokerage that will help them meet their financial goals. Before you make that choice, it is necessary to first know the difference between various types of investment brokers. 

There are several types of investment brokers, such as full-service brokers, discount brokers, self-directed brokers, penny stock brokers, mortgage brokers, etc. Each type of broker has its advantages and disadvantages.

Full-Service Brokers

These brokers handle all sorts of transactions for their clients. These include buying and selling stocks, derivatives, foreign currency, insurance, futures, and commodity markets. With a full-service brokerage account, you will pay a flat fee for all these services. 

Discount Brokers

With a discount broker, you can buy or sell shares at a discount, without much effort. The main advantage is that you don’t have to pay for account minimums. But there is a disadvantage – you have to wait for an order to be filled before your order is executed. This means that you can’t execute quick, high-volume investments.

With this type of brokerage firm, you can access a range of investments with several options; if you want to trade in currencies, stocks, and bonds, this is the type for you. 

Stock Market Broker

This type of brokerage account offers high-volume investment options, stock market news, and tips. There is usually no minimum investment, so you can invest a small amount to start investing in the market. 

International Investment Broker

With a global investment brokerage like Enclave Capital, you can gain access to markets in the US and around the world; invest in foreign currencies, stocks, and bonds. Choose an experienced and reputable brokerage firm to avoid scams.


Most brokers provide online investment options by accessing a secure platform provided by the firm. Once you have chosen a reliable broker, fill out the forms required and download the necessary documents. The process of signing up for brokerage accounts is usually very simple and fast, so you can start investing without delay.

Another way to choose an investment broker is to check with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). They have a recommended list of accredited investment brokers. The Financial Planning Association also publishes a financial guidebook that can be very useful when investing for the first time.

Before you start investing, make sure you are getting all the information you need from your broker. Determine the investment account minimums required for a certain type of investment. Research the fees and services, such as order processing, and the minimum balance required for opening a new investment account. Make sure you know how the transaction fees are calculated and what type of transaction fee you need to pay — ask your brokerage firm about the commission and other costs.

If you’re investing for the first time, consider the benefits and costs of each brokerage firm.

If you would like to start investing in the US or internationally, then contact Enclave Capital today at 646-454-8600 contact us here to schedule a consultation with an investment broker.