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Top 5 Investment Mistakes to Avoid

The stock markets can be a highly profitable vehicle for the right investor. However, many investors get out of the stock market with broken financial promises and bankruptcy in their credit reports. Avoiding these investment mistakes is crucial if you are a serious investor. First, we will examine the things to avoid, then recognize them on the stock market.

Top Investment Mistakes

Don’t get lured with ‘Hot’ Prices

One of the most common investment mistakes made by an individual or group of investors is buying stocks that are being offered at ‘hot’ prices. Investors and traders want stocks that are rising but do so with caution. It is easy to make a bad investment bet when you are looking for great earnings potential. Many new investors make the same investment mistakes as inexperienced long-term investors. They look for stocks that are poised for major growth and get caught up in what they think is a great company.


It is important to know that the market trends are not predictable. Trends can change in a matter of minutes, hours, days, or even weeks. Trends can also be set by companies, personalities, and even weather. No one can predict the future of the stock market, the trends, and how the stock market will react to a particular event or company.


Some investors also try to time the market and buy companies that are ‘on the rise’. When this occurs they invest in those companies, sometimes making bad investments. The problem with timing is that the price of the stock may drop lower. Investors need to exercise extreme caution while attempting to time the companies’ rising and falling prices. It’s much more difficult to successfully time a falling market.

Low Quality Stocks

Another investment mistake to avoid is buying a stock that has a low volume. Companies with a low volume have little sales and their stocks are not listed on major exchanges such as NASDAQ and AMEX. The lack of major listings can affect the price of the stock. Also, buying top-of-the-line products with high profits potential at low prices is another bad way to invest. Doing your homework to find out if a company will be profitable is as important as buying shares with high profits potential.

Lack of Research

Another is buying a stock purely based on the research of a professional. There is no substitute for having your own stock research done. However, this doesn’t mean you should not be concerned with your own stock recommendations. If you are unfamiliar with a company or industry, you should seek out information from experts and various sources. This can also help you avoid picking a stock simply because an analyst is bullish on the stock.

Fear of Missing Out

Other investment mistakes are making money in areas that are overvalued. Even though the economy is recovering, there are still times when investors will see profit margins shrinking rather than increasing. It’s important to understand how demand and supply factors impact a stock’s value. Don’t invest in companies whose share price is constantly going up because you think it will continue to rise. You need to understand sometimes it’s just hype. Investors must exercise extreme caution when picking a rising stock.

It’s possible to make mistakes while investing, but this list makes it very easy to avoid them. All investors need to do their homework, learn about supply and demand factors, and evaluate potential investment opportunities carefully. Don’t let greed turn you into a miser. You will make mistakes, but with knowledge of how to recognize them and steps taken to mitigate the risk, you can make an excellent return on your investment and avoid falling into the bad habit known as “stock market anxiety syndrome”.